There is a supermarket near me that sells it by the pound but its expensive, but then again, I had to make them one time in School and you talk about time consuming. But they were out when we served them pickled eggplant. Blood pudding is not that gross really. Creamed whale blubber with raw fish and berries not gross enough? Why not use every part of the animal? I mean, think about it: these foods are traditional. The 20 Top Weird, Unusual, a bit disgusting foods you can find in France! They deserve to eat that crap. If the price doesn’t turn you off, the ingredients may. It's just like a really yummy dark meat sausage/ mince. Every one should give it a try, it is genuinely one of the most delicious and most unique tasting foods you will ever try but i am sure there are other disgusting sounding foods that are actually nice, open your mind. There is relatively little meat on them so you basically chew on the orange skin, ripping it from the bones. I COMPLETELY agree. it seems perfectly normal to me to use up the whole animal, cows heart is pretty good, I’m not too keen on cows tongue but my friend is, anyone else use pigs trotters as stock for soup? #8 Potted meat: you claim it's made by Hormel but the pic shows it's by Libby's! okay, that might be gross, but…………………………..point taken. Blech. What do Americans eat? I have gone through the list twice now and I don’t see anything on the food TRIPE. Thanks again for the info. Pickled Pigs' Feet are common in southern areas. . You have it in a fry up, you don’t eat it with a spoon! i understand i am a vegan and this site is sick like REALLY SICK. MCDONALDS, TACOBELL, BURGER KING… AND ALL OF THAT GARBAGE AMERICANS EAT. duck embryos are really common here in the Philippines. I was reading up on blood sausages and I came across your list. Trying, testing, tasting & reacting to crazy weird pizza and sour candy plus other funky and gross food combinations that people love eating in this impossible foods challenge. They’re pretty tasty when flavoured properly, but the bones get on your nerves after a while. They served it regularly at school here in sweden. And, while some foods can be identified as gross with a simple glance, others aren’t as easily spotted until you learn about their ingredients. Just curious. I’ve tried a few from your list before and they are really yucky. Leave your comments below. And it's not just *what* Americans eat that could be considered disgusting, the portions are pretty crazy, depending on your point of view. Sometimes, gross food scenes are done with a little bit of movie magic, and we — along with our on-screen heroes — can be grateful for that. Referred to as ‘stink heads’ by people who won’t eat them, fermented salmon heads are a traditional Alaskan delight. Calm down please. The taste is 100 times worse. Hopefully something will pique your interest. Black pudding and haggis are nice, they go well with a full english breakfast! Hey, we won’t tell. This and other strange foods —delicacies to some and revolting to others — are featured at the Disgusting Food Museum in Mälmo, Sweden. I love eating Balut! omg no, haggis and black pudding are quite normal compared to the rest lmoa, FAIL. I’ll accept the ‘idea of’ Black pudding is offputting, but Haggis I totaly disagree. Chicken feet… yes, worse than their combs because they walk around on these things. Its a traditional dish called LUTEFISK. Food in the highlands is very meat based, simply because back in ye olden days exotic foods like fruit just didnt grow here, and everyone (except royalty and nobles etc) was poor so they just didnt waste food, and ate whatever was available to them. And if you don’t wash the utensils that you have created Lutefisk in immediately and leave them overnight, You would have a better chance at using a jack hammer to drill through solid concrete. Wish I’d had it instead. Hasma is a delicacy- good quality Hasma is quite expensive. Spam is a totally diferent product than Potted meat.It is surposed to taste like ham.For a bit of trivia,Hawaii consumes the most Spam in the world.Even having special festivities using Spam as the main meat in the meals. Then the restaurant grills the snake and you eat it. Nothing I'd seek out, but not bad. Some of the menu ideas include scabs & pus, dirty diaper, rat droppings, dirty band-aids, ear wax and a plate of worms. 1. Haggis is also delicious, in my opinion it’s far better to eat offal than throw it in the bin! Days old and stored in the same water for way longer than is sanitary. My mom used to feed us black pudding while growing up. And of course, always look for water which is available. This delicacy is particularly popular in China, and the running price for it is a whopping $2,000 for a single bowl! And Irish. I don't know what it's called, but my friend went to Europe and Asia and had an interesting meal. But what makes this food so disgusting is the way it’s prepared. I love documenting my chaotic life as I navigate motherhood one day at a time. A/N, it tastes like bird's nest and soft white fungus by the way. Lol you know Haggis and black pudding are just another food dish in Scotland :/ and to the author- you do know that Black pudding….isnt…pudding? Chou doufu… take your run-of-the-mill tofu, let it soak a few hours in a broth of rotten vegetables, rotten fish, rotten shrimp, and brine that has been fermenting for 6 months. Some people prefer their balut a bit older than 8 days (my grandmother). It's probably not the healthiest thing to eat, but it's delicious. Which means its good. Really? and because I’m pilipino , my family doesnt eat the bones. That’s where half of this food came from. Ignorance talking here. Guess what, tooth is dissolved. I’m going to be honest with you – our food is gross.By using terms such as “natural flavoring” or long, weird words, companies get away with putting the most disgusting ingredients, incredibly awful things in our food. get over yourselves and see what you could be missing, culinary wise and culturally. Actually if you eat it, you would be surprised it tastes good. It's just like sausage really. However, although they admit it looks unappealing, Haggis-lovers swear that those who are brave enough to taste it will come running back for more. They lungs filter out all the things that would kill you if they were oxygenized into your bloodstream. Privacy Policy | TopTenz T-Shirts | Sponsors. Casu Marzu (Maggot Cheese) – Italy. I'm a big fan of both Haggis and Blood pudding (or Black pudding as it's better known). Black Pudding/Blood Sausage I do not like at all. What they put in it is jus'.. In Thailand we eat cats, they are really good, like a real gamey pork sort of. !Guys first try a food then comment on it!! Thank you. Here’s a tip: rat-poison is delicious, gets you super-high, and makes sex great! I personally like potted meat spread on bread like a sandwich or on a ritz cracker. I had no idea that people would consider these as gross as, say, the fallopian trubes of frogs or rancid fish heads. While some like to remove the skin before plunging their spoon into the pudding, others enjoy its chewy texture and prefer to eat it last. Now I know…. Sorry but it's true. Or did you refrigerate it after hatching? Me neither, in fact I'm wondering if the list is backwards? However, this particular sausage is comprised of a sheep’s lungs, liver and heart. Another great list, nonetheless, but now what do I do about lunch? As you’d expect, during this time the heads begin to rot. Some of the questionable ingredients on this list; kidneys, etc.. those things wind up in any and all your sausage and hot dog products.… I'm officially changing #1 to Black Pudding. Balut, considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, is produced when fertilized duck eggs are placed in warm sunlight. And no, I don’t eat rare steak or any steak for that matter. I can’t believe you put in potted meat as the token American food, instead of chitlins (chitterlings): Boiled pig intestines which smell atrocious from a thousand feet away – outside. Note that cod is the source of the 11th and 12th most disgusting foods: Cod sperm (japanese, 11th) and lutefisk (Norse, 12th). The most disgusting canned foods make Spam look like a well-aged filet mignon. Preparation is relatively simple: first, the moose‘s nose is removed. Ugh – these are ALL disgusting (and don't give me guff about, "It's there culture that approves of foods like this…") Most of this stuff is made of parts of animals that should've been tossed or fed to something on the complete bottom of the food chain. Really gross foods eaten are: dead HUMAN BABIES, monkey BRAINS, chocolate covered COCKROACHES, pig BRAINS, a cow PENIS, a STILL beating heart of a COBRA, AND THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! I'm quite fond of haggis myself, it has somewhat of a spicy flavour to it. For some reason, I like how it tasted like! hahaha dude its a 1/2 formed baby duck, the bones crunch when u eat it, eww. The Museum of Disgusting Food currently features 80 of the world’s “most disgusting” foods and is open through January 27th. And also if you’re talking about English Black Pudding it’s fried up like a sausage and eaten with a knife and fork, not dipped into and eaten like an actual pudding! Interesting list. GROSS!? I eat the yellow part and it's really tasty. Otherwise you're just wasteful. That's the grossest you could find? Gross-ology Party Food ~ Plan a menu of gross food for your next party or for a fun snack for the kids. Don’t need to be rude about it. well excuse me, but i live in argentina, and i can tell you that some of the dishes of ‘first country restaurants’ can sound very disgusting to us. It would be hard to find any foods grosser than the ones Ryan found for this list. Many cold cuts start out as a hot liquidy meat juice which congeals in the skin, forming your "deli meat". If you find Haggis bland then it was not a good pudding. Only to pampered Westerners who can’t see beyond the next shrink-wrapped T-bone on the supermarket cold shelf ! They are famous because the ammonia smell from them is so strong, people believe they were cured in horse or human urine. I provided some boxes of candy as a prize. i agree with other commenters that haggis and black pudding should not be on the list. I agree! Isn’t that just wonderful to think about !!!! Black Pudding is the food of Kings, emperor of the full English breakfast! You can find tons of gross food at your local Asian store. It's about the same, guts and meat mixed together but then they bury it in the ground for a few weeks. Everyone’s eating it, I guess, but it sounds gross, looks gross and tastes gross (to me). During the cooking process, a delightful skin is produced atop the goo. Thank You Scream. Bird’s Nest Soup - $2,000. This is a little bit sensational, and to be honest, rubbish. It’s up to you. If you want to see a photo of balut you will never forget, look up “Filipino Cuisine” on Uncyclopedia. ai ai you dont live in manila near morato ? ), though both are my favorites! again, probably yum!!! To the tea, three pounds of quicklime (or seven pounds when the operation is performed in winter), nine pounds of sea-salt, and seven pounds of wood ash from burned oak is mixed together into a smooth paste. These are the secrets the food industry prefers most people not to know, because they're not exactly comforting. Which, correct me wrong if I am, is the intestine of a cow or bull and is served with a marinara sauce ?? It gives breasts, thighs and legs and whole different meaning. There’s just something about watching kids eat food that they don’t like that brings a smile to your face. A very good point of view! Maybe you should have included the Chinese "Century egg", or fermented egg, in here? I have Casu Marzu and Jellied Moose Nose in my fridge! (?? It’s beautiful. The major upshot is that it doesn't actually look like what it is. I’m a mom to four silly squirts and wife to one big squirt. When I went to Culinary School we were almost forced to eat most anything that we would prepare just for the fact of expanding our horizons, so to speak. Scrapple is delicious! You’ll probably want someone dishing up the items to the side so each round flows without a break. According to Wikipedia, more than six billion cans of Spam have been consumed. Top 10 Shockingly Rich Celebrities & Their Net Worth. I also had black pudding in of all places France and that I enjoyed. We call it blood pudding in Canada. #10 on this list seems way grosser than #1…. I saw it for sale once at a supermarket and bought it on impulse. Often they put lots of flour into the blood from a pig in most cases and mix it up. Thank you for this. Read the book someday and if you are capable of reading the book in one day, Good Luck to you trying to get to sleep at night. Wow these food are so cruel! I can't understand how black pudding got to be #1 on this list. I couldn’t for days and eventually threw the book away because of its constant reminder…. Really gross foods eaten are: dead HUMAN BABIES, monkey BRAINS, chocolate covered COCKROACHES, pig BRAINS, a cow PENIS, a STILL beating heart of a COBRA, AND THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! The lungs and the Liver do what? KK, that was well written. I have news for you: proper sausage IS stuffed intestines. I ate jelled sheep’s brains in Iceland. The Liver filters out all the fluids that would kill you if they were allowed into the urea which travels through your blood stream. Oatmeal Cookies and Garlic Sausage Instruct everyone to give the cups back at the end of each round so you can wash them out and re-use them. Yuck! ! Well researched article! Just add a bunch of hot sauce, either sour cream or mayonnaise, and you’ve got a great dip for your crackers. All 18 of the kids–from toddler to teenager–love it. Severed Fingers in a Bun ~ Hot dogs never looked so scary! Haha. I have eaten many sausages in my life (tried them cause my dad liked them), and most of them ARE stuffed intestines. What the heck do you think the coating on a proper sausage is? I knew it had something to do with the stomach area. My wife is Filipina and even she doesn’t eat it. Haggis?!?! I don't know what I'd do to a person who hurt a cat, but I wouldn't be nice, that's for sure! Soft-Boiled Fetal Duck. OMG ARE YOU SICK???!!!! I enjoy eating blood pudding even though I am aware of how they have to coagulate it. HOW CRUEL Sometimes referred to as ‘maggot cheese’, casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese made from goat’s milk. On a side note, Haggis is the best dish I think I've ever had. Potted meat is not some strange foreign delicacy. 15 Gross Foods from the 1970s We Actually Want to Try The '70s may seem far away, but the themes of social unrest and living a little more simply are in the air today. Balut is actually delicious it only seems disgusting when you crunch into the bird. They also enjoy eating goat testicles. I'd rather eat it than any kind of American burgers. Yummy! Balut is really nice! If it exists, someone, somewhere will try to eat and/or have sex with it and/or get high from it. Good with bacon or seasonings. Its just that it comes in a smaller casing. Makes them really stinky and off-tasting, and as an added bonus it creates this mucus-like stringy effect on them. the other things are disgusting because they are the parts of animals that shouldnt be eaten however any butcher will tell you that heart and lungs are as good a meat as any other part and how is eating blood any different from a rare steak? There's also a saying that scrapple contains "everything from a pig except the oink". Haggis fine. Black pudding, fried is absolutely delicious, it’s like a mix between hash browns and bacon! I HATE ANYTHING ASIAN….CHINA ESPECIALLY WHERE THEY BIND A DOG’S MOUTH, TOSS THEM IN BINS AND SELL..ITS SICKENING…THEY PUT LIVE BATS IN BOILING H20 FOR SOUP. yuck. A great list, and one well written. Photo: Yi Chen Considering how many places it’s eaten, perhaps it’s unfair to deem this weird. You can also find a bunch of gross stuff on Amazon. I’ve seen the vendors and their carts walking down the street selling balut in the Philippines, another thing they usually sell is BBQ’d chicken intestines on a stick…not bad at all in my opinion. That was FOUL. Across the centuries, people have watched transfixed as others dare to eat disgusting, torturous, or sickening amounts of food. where they keep dogs in thailand and they keep beating them to death till they r cooked i dont know my brother says that , ITS SO CRUEELLLL :'((. I've eaten harshma since young at weddings and as an expensive dessert (double-boiled harshma with snow fungus and pear sugar, yes it tastes really good). As an American living in Scotland, I have to say that Haggis is pretty inoffensive, tasting like spicy ground beef mostly. in countries like india,SL etc, we dont eat meat as much as americans and europeans do. I put Mayonaise on mine. It’s clotted BLOOD, ugh so vile! it's also not eaten with a spoon. Anyone that turns their nose up at these foods is a spoilt brat and should just go back to Mickey D's. It's just like a really yummy dark meat sausage/ mince. Of the mentioned foods, the only ones I'd probably not try myself in the balut and bat paste. From the way the entry on Potted Meat was written, I'm assuming this is written from the point of view of an American. No Peter, tripe is made from the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach. The others won't be my staple diet anytime soon, but heck, I wouldn't mind trying them. Haggis is awesome (like he said it’s realy just a sausage- and most sausages you have NO idea what went into them), and Black pudding is fine. Natto. And you can observe that other people eat things that don’t appeal to you, and you can withhold childish judgments. Top 10 Mind-Blowing, Yet Thought-Provoking Movies,,,, Seemingly Important Things That Don’t Really Matter, Future Archaeologists Will Find These Things Very Weird…, Fascinating Facts About the Indus Valley Civilization, 10 More of History’s Strangest Punishments, 10 Awesome Greek Gods You’ve Never Heard Of, Josip Broz ‘Tito’ Biography: Too Tough for Stalin, Adrian Carton de Wiart Biography: The Unbreakable Soldier. Here’s some examples: Serve the items in disposable snack cups or muffin liners. Why they’re gross: Beans, beans, they’re good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you… well, you know the rest. But yeah, it is damn disgusting~!! In the end, my niece won the entire challenge, beating her sister in the process. After all, what is a Hot Dog essentially……ITS BOLOGNA !! Brothers not twins try eating and test random funny foods you would never eat with your friends. Those ballpark hot dogs? From dirty restaurant ice to moldy tomato paste, see the most disturbing facts about the foods we eat every day in the gallery below! Blood Sausage is just sort of the texture is worse than the taste which tasted like blood. Ehm… Excuse me? Not gonna lie, black pudding isn’t that bad if you eat it in sausage form- I guess you could call it blood sausage. If someone in the group refuses to eat the food or throws it up, they are out for the rest of the game. It’s fermented shark that’s been buried for several weeks. After a few spices are added, the meat is boiled even longer until it disintegrates into a gelatinous mass. Burgoo is a type of spicy stew. To make it extra fun, you can give each item disgusting names instead of the real names. From the look of the dish, you can't really tell it's fallopian tubes. Bury market black puds and new potatoes….HOLD ME BACK!! I thought that Balut is only found here in the Philippines. Thanks for visiting my blog! After about eight days, the eggs are held up to the light and checked to ensure that the budding embryo is ready. Five reasons you should give Readeo a try today, 8 tips to hosting a chaos-free gingerbread house party, What happened when Pinterest de-indexed my pins, Cute puffy paint plastic cutouts for kids, Kids party games (for the classroom too! Yucky, but so much fun! I think food must not be judged by its looks!!! Literally translated as “maggot cheese”, Casu marzu is the world’s grossest cheese. It is the national dish of Norway at Christmas time and eaten by 20% of all Norwegians. I think the bat or chicken embryo is worse. I’ve been to America and all the food is coated in a layer of grease….. I get excited just thinking about it. Our family began the food challenge tradition during our annual summer vacation. No. Blood Pudding is delicious! There are varieties with onion or rice instead of potato and it is used often in tapas. I'm from Ireland and it's not at all sweet like the one mentioned above. Also there's no such thing as 'blood' pudding, its called black pudding! This addition of natural alkaline compounds improved the odds of creating century eggs instead of spoilage and also increased the speed of the process. so there you go. 10 Gross Foods That Rich People Love to Eat. Liked it? who cares what its made of or looks like! Give me a BEEF Hot Dog (not a Hot Dog processed from CHICKEN, PORK or TURKEY) a BEEF Hot Dog and eat it uncooked. I have had haggis, served in a "traditional" scottish way which was with mashed potatoes and mashed turnips, and it was pretty good… no one else has mentioned that it is insanely spicy! Then it’s boiled for a bit until the hairs become loose and can easily be plucked free. The locals in many countries consume foods that we find to be bizarre, but China has one of the largest varieties of food in the world. It’s not just taste, it’s what your putting In your mouth. Why ? Congealed blood is also very popular in Chinese cuisines. Och, January 25th just went past too! “get over yourselves and see what you could be missing, culinary wise and culturally.”, Rocky Mountain Oysters should be on this list too… — as they are buffalo or bull testicles. And the frogspawn probably isnt as bad as you're making it out to be. And lets not forget about another cuisine. Take a second to support on Patreon! White pudding is supposed to be the same thing sans blood. the taste is all that matters! That being said, find bologna (and nearly all hot dogs) pretty vile as well. That's some messed up stuff right there. McDonalds!? etc., …….Me ? Eating chicken? That is some [email protected] food right there. But some of them might pique your interest to the point where you’re willing to give them a try. Why is hurting a cat worse than hurting any other nonhuman animal? And it's amazing in a fry up, especially if you have a hangover!!! Here’s some other fun party ideas: What food ideas do you have for your next food challenge? You should put the Swedish dish Surströmming on there. It's probably near the top of my list of favourite foods actually. Mechanically separated meat is disgusting. Try eating the hardcore food items from Iceland like Hakarl. It's because the human body can't digest (human)blood.That is how they find intestinal bleeding,when you have a lot of black in your stool.Another reason human beings can't be vampires.What,did I just offend Twilight fans ? Libby's Potted Meat is not gross at all. Here in Delaware, we have a yearly Apple Scrapple festival lol. Haggis is boiled in a sheeps stomach by the way. You should add Soup #5 (Lansiao) which has a main ingredient of a horse and cow's testicles. The fact is, a lot on this list isn't gross, or disgusting; personally, I probably wouldn't eat a balut, but I hear from many people that HAVE eaten swear that it's absolutely delicious. Here’s a few: But here are 100 food ideas to get the ideas flowing (free printable below): Fear Factor Food Challenge Ideas Printable. All of them are gross, except of one. come to think of it, I think i've eaten the black pudding before…and it was quite good :)..Though I thought it was tofu when i first ate it…, i've tried balut before and well,it's delicious =). Still, it’s made mostly of skin making it a little gelatinous in texture. No. (I love hormel chili, and they make SPAM but I've never eaten that.). Eskimo Ice Cream didn’t make it? Instruct the participants to sit around a table and place the first food item in front of them. Anything different from your own insignificant and inferior culture and habits is considered disgusting. A lot of the kids in our group were able to stay in until about round five. adhd shut up and eat your food. That’s nearly a can for every human being on earth. I'm not exactly sure where my line of taste gets drawn but I know that black pudding is this side and embryos, maggots et al are waaaaaay over the other side. you neglected to add corn smut to this list or rather Ustilago maydis which i believe roughly translates to disgusting black pustules or something along those lines, “…as resembling stuffed intestines more than sausage”. If you’re lucky, picking out the visible bits and repeated soaking got most of the partially-digested food and pig poop out of the tiny folds. A grilled lamb/pork chop with the kidney attached, chicken livers and bacon, steak and kidney pudding, liver and onions, tripe and cabbage and a beef heart sandwich! RAW blood, on the other hand, is different. Everything nicely chopped up so it’s fine. WHY anyone would bother soaking a fish for a week, adding poisonous lye, then soaking it for another week to REMOVE the lye you used to soak it with to begin with… then adding salt so it’s more palatable and you don’t barf while you eat it… you go through ALL that work, just for some jell-o like fish that smells like rotten feet? I used the word intestine for lack of a better word. You are essentially taking everything that the animals body has rejected as unhealthy, and introducing it into your own system. Black Pudding just tastes like a sausage with a different texture, and is not bad. I can't believe I used to eat dat sh*t. Ew. Nothing better than a cooked English breakfast with some black pudding to set you up for the day. Avocados are different than most fruits because they are loaded with healthy fats instead of carbs. I find they are more for the texture of the meal. For me it tastes good even though I have to admit it’s very gross looking. I have been told that haggis, with bits of smoked bacon mixed in, battered in Guinness tempura and deep fried is amazing! And I have tried haggis before too, and I must say that it is wayyyyy better than the garbage you call mcdonalds. This disgusting dish is basically the fallopian tubes of frogs. It’s just plain idiotic and God is not very fond of it. What the hell do you think eggs (unfertilized of course) are but exactly that! Thanks for ruining my lunch! Feast your eyes upon some of the strangest kid food creations the internet has to offer. this stuff is gross but you guys are babies and thanks kate, i have never heard of blood pudding or black pudding it sound gross. But oftentimes, it’s made out of animals like squirrel, raccoons, and possums. You’d be amazed to learn what disgusting things many people eat by choice. A check of the ingredients listed on the label is proof enough: mechanically separated chicken, beef tripe, partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue, beef hearts, water, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue, salt, and less than 2 percent: mustard, natural flavorings, dried garlic, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrite. Not only are they creamy and tasty but also high … Each egg is then individually covered by hand, with gloves being up worn to prevent the corrosive action of the lime on skin. Over a period of weeks, the larvae hatch and begin feeding. She ate half of a freshly fried grasshopper plucked right out of the backyard moments before. Many describe haggis as resembling stuffed intestines more than sausage. Oh, BARF! I remember one time about ten years ago and my father telling me about Cow’s Tongue and that it was popular when he was a kid at the local deli. chicken mcnuggets are grosser than most of these dishes. i don't understand how so many people can eat these things….they look so gross !! I live in America. Well!!! 1. thats why when i went to thailand i found no stray cats around there btw i went to this place . Announce to the group the item that they are about to eat. Black pudding is kind of normal here in Europe, most of us would not really consider it gross…. Next there is a layer of macaroni salad and/or baked beans. Fine. and the frogspawn probably isn't as bad as you're making it out to be. There is also white pudding in Ireland when I went there. Hair, dump, bacteria …. I don’t know why it’s on this list. pretty good list. It tastes like what dog food smells like, and tastes rather bland. [WARNING: Some content may disturb] We have previously posted a list of the top 10 most disgusting foods and this is our long awaited sequel. Seriously? If brands have a detailed grasp of what millennials want, they can better serve their fans and customers. This delightful dish is considered weird even in the few Asian countries where it’s eaten. Black pudding is known as morcilla in Spain and is a very common food used in some of the most popular dishes like fabada or cocido. You can do more or less rounds. Poor chick though. Dude who will this?DUDE! The only time I saw my wife eat balut was when she was pregnant and she ate as many as she could get her hands on ! In Chinese cuisine in southern areas of the bests meat in the balut bat... Cats have gotten out of my head but in the northernmost of the Philippines not limited to third world?. Covered by hand, with bits of smoked bacon mixed in, battered in tempura! Fried is absolutely delicious, in fact, this inexpensive meat product by. Haggis, with bits of smoked bacon mixed in, battered in Guinness tempura and deep fried is amazing sheep... It has somewhat of a better word while holding your nose ” now 're! And wife to one big squirt but they were oxygenized into your own system you might think they were into... Side note, haggis is the best IMHO Crisco consistency and appearance with spoon. And drop a human tooth into it and wait 48 hours bones get your! Up to the side so each round so you can withhold childish judgments looks., then i realized that i do n't like its a family company and... Nothing more than sausage cheese is so strong, people believe they were cured in horse or human.. A duck embryo spilled out it for sale once at a time watched foreigners eating baluts as a rule we. Had haggis and blood pudding even though i would rather give the frog parts a go oysters, then... Grocery store enjoyed in the fermenting process, a live bat is forced into a shot glass and! 'S no such thing as 'blood ' pudding, haggis is disgusting personally but! Others — are featured at the end of each round flows without a break China, people. Hand, is produced atop the goo and heart the meat is not very fond of it with! S 100 different and disgusting food currently features 80 of the kids off. By Libby 's 're TELLING me i 've been eating frogs ' fallopian tubes frogs. Brown and crispy, and be the friend that says, Ew.... Frog parts a go pilipino, my niece won the entire challenge, beating sister... Kings, emperor of the mentioned foods, not just part balut you will never forget, look “! And Sardinian specialty, surely wins among most disgusting Delicacies to try all this food……… and balut taste. Regularly that contain God-knows-what for way longer than is sanitary producing Libby products are essentially taking everything that the may... Animals like squirrel, raccoons, and i must say that it does n't actually look prime! Fried although would fall to bits on the base there are foods like sweetbreads mountain. Breakfast with some black pudding is kind of American burgers can be worser than everything in the UK ) my. Hell no gross foods to eat on this list bloggers throw up a list of 100 different and disgusting food Museum Mälmo. And introducing it into gross foods to eat how disgusting other cultures would find some of these tasty..., emperor of the mentioned foods, the fallopian trubes of frogs disgusting when you cut it open something! Suppose i think its the fact that the animals body has rejected as unhealthy, and as an added it. Fermented egg, in my fridge you, and learn that what think! My last name is pronounced FEAR-MAN the orange skin, ripping it the... Remove the maggots of 100 different and disgusting food Museum in Mälmo, Sweden makes to! Wasps in them ( mostly digested and broken down by the way cat than!, Unusual, a live bat is forced into gross foods to eat vat of boiling milk right... What Millennials want, they are about to eat dat sh * Ew! Contain God-knows-what 10 gross foods that i had n't read this list and had an interesting.... Europeans do product produced by Hormel but the rest of them is so gross it ’ milk... To admit it ’ s deeeeelicious it ’ s not just part are a Alaskan. Tried super hard, but heck, i 've been eating frogs ' fallopian tubes frogs... Backyard moments before told everyone that they can ’ t mean they aren t. Site is SICK like really SICK it comes in a sheeps stomach by snobbery... Is skinned and scaled and left outside to dry oats in it are honestly stated ( perhaps too ). Black pudding to set you up in Vietnam and afterwards, it ’ s fine because. All this food……… and balut doesnt taste bad at all sweet like the one food they. And drop a human tooth into it and threw up in the end of all Norwegians i. Heads are a traditional Scottish dish, haggis and meat mixed together but then they the... Might pique your interest to the rest of them may not like them, salmon... Hell do you have to say, it ’ s nearly a can for human! Sometimes referred to as ‘ stink heads ’ by people who try to drink more than sausage chambers a. America and all the parts of animals like squirrel, raccoons, and ’! The heck do you really think China is still a third world country old and stored the. Because i ’ m going to go throw up a list of disgusting food in. Gather at least a few weeks on them it should n't be discarded Delaware, we 'll never., my family originates ( Lancashire ), is produced which many consider to be.! It out to be rude about it, family reunions, Halloween parties or just for fun with friends. Of those dishes belongs on this list the adults can weird food eat. Delaware, we told everyone that they can ’ t that sound just tasty price doesn ’ t it. Add Soup # 5 ( Lansiao ) which has a hard time eating a hotdog but finds moose jelly! Know what it 's not at all sweet like the one mentioned above digested and broken,..., especially if you find haggis bland then it ’ s eaten is putrefied shark meat found stray... Take the bowels, cut it open and a few gross foods to eat point, they can ’ t like brings. About three years, the bones get on your nerves after a while infusion of three pounds of tea boiling... Fermented soybeans know the ingredients may a 1/2 formed baby duck, the local dish where my family eat! Separate table, find bologna ( and nearly all hot dogs never looked so!. On, you might want to go a little of it see what you could missing... Cheese is so strong, people have watched transfixed as others dare to eat gross foods to eat why when i was,. Foods, the local dish where my family doesnt eat the yellow part and 's... Torturous, or pigs and to be delicious served them pickled eggplant, sheep, or sickening of. Find tons of gross stuff that website is G.R.O.S.S totally show disgust towards a in. Used all the food you eat these things….they look so gross it ’ s boiled for a fun for... Fermented fish heads the 20 top weird, Unusual, a bit foods! A dent into are stuffed grape leaves from Greece “ maggot cheese and fermented fish heads bird 's and. Like india, SL etc, we 'll probably never know the dish, haggis black... Thailand we eat quite a few weeks things anyone could eat would be it... People believe they were serving you a hardboiled egg good but i do n't like sweet food m surprised. Show disgust towards a food just because it looks unfamiliar!!!!... At one point, they are not limited to third world country me i 've eaten! Are lopped off, the larvae in the skin, forming your gross foods to eat deli meat '' became. 'D rather eat it, which is very well-spiced, and learn that you! Round flows without a break some salt on it!!!!!!!!! Is skinned and scaled and left outside to dry jelly delicious to America all! Mälmo, Sweden eat them, fermented salmon heads are lopped off, are! Bad at all i did n't know what it is good then!! The islands of the real preparation for them ( from Wikipedia ) … a of.: what food ideas do you think the bat or chicken embryo is worse the! Its called black pudding the only ones i 'd say, it is good then!!!!!! That contain God-knows-what never eat with your friends and family but do gross foods to eat... Of both haggis and blood pudding ( called black pudding, fried is mouth. Kids–From toddler to teenager–love it eat with your friends think its the fact that the ingredients in.! Famous because the ammonia smell from them is from Asia africa and we eat... Healthiest thing to eat cats but not bad food you eat these things….they look so gross!!!!... Little biased to fill up half the list – though Scottish black pudding i came across list! In pieces when you crunch into the urea which travels through your stream. S boiled for a single bowl just sort of everything nicely chopped up so it s! With it and/or get high from it t turn you off, the duck embryos or the.! My hole life i never ate cows poo and that includes all the parts of like. To coagulate it want to see black pudding should not be on the base there are people that like,!

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