Keeping beer at room temperature can drop a beer’s shelf life from nearly six months to only a few weeks, and exposing the same beer to very warm temperatures can affect its flavor in a matter of a couple of days. A common off flavor in both commercial and home brewed beers is a skunky “light-struck” flavor and aroma. But if your beer isn't in a can or a brown bottle, it doesn't take much light to start the skunking. Among the misperceptions about skunked beer is that it takes a long time for a beer to get skunked, when in fact the reaction can happen fairly rapidly. A German-style Pilsner is a good example of this. There’s nothing worse than reaching for a cold beer, taking that first sip and realizing your beer’s been skunked. It may taste flat, sour or have the faint smell of skunk. Green Glass. Lie #1 Cold/Hot/Cold. There’s a slightly manky, wet-dog aspect to it. What happens when you play the cold hot, cold hot game over and over again is you shorten the shelf life. A: "Phew, what is that awful smell?" So the premise of your question is a bit flawed. Highgrade Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2013 Arizona. (Corona light doesn't seem to have a problem.) Canned beer offers the best protection against damaging light waves, and brown bottles rate a close second. One method of defense (image courtesy of Pexels). We've all heard of the phrase: this beer is 'skunked'. The photochemical reaction that skunks beer occurs very quickly; a well-hopped beer in clear glass can become noticeably offensive with just 30 seconds of exposure to sunshine. If you are after a non-skunked beer… Especially Becks and Tsingtao. Hops look very similar to the cannabis plant and are faintly related. It’s bro science 101: You can’t take a beer from iced down to warm and back without skunking it, or so we’ve been told. Skunked beer is a name that is particularly relevant. The crazy thing is that people get used to skunky beer taste and even grow to like it. Imagine a beer with an offensive, sulphuric, all-pervasive taste of… ick. New beer drinkers are told to never ever let refrigerated beer get warm – and definitely don’t cool it again! However, some beers are brewed to taste skunky. Hop flavors and aromas will be diminished, first. In fact, skunky beer is often called lightstruck beer, which sounds way cooler than it actually is. What you need to know about 3-MBT is that it basically produces a sulfuric or "skunky" flavor. ! What is a Skunked or Skunky Beer? So what’s all this reference to “skunked” beer? – or suffer off-putting and skunky flavored consequences. Using particular strains of lager yeast and brewing conditions, some brewers are shooting for this distinctive, sulfur-infused result. B: "I think the dog got skunked!" Are there a lot of hops in this beer? In brewing, the blossoms of the hops flower are added to balance the sweet taste produced by the malt. Back to the skunked beer. When a beer is fully fermented, all the acetaldehyde, a chemical that's created by yeast as a precursor to ethanol, is turned into alcohol. “Skunked beer” is the term for beer that has lost its flavor. The fairly complex chemical reaction involves blue spectrum and some ultraviolet light in sunshine (we trusted you, sunshine!) Try icing it down for 20-30 min-this will make the "skunked beer" taste much better! It was very decent too. However, skunkiness in beer is caused not by heat, but by light. The good news? You may unsubscribe at any time. (It’s not a result of taking it in and out of the fridge, as some believe.) So this was nice: Rush drummer Neil Peart honored with charity craft beer release by Carton Brewing. It can give your beer a strong skunky aroma and make it most unpleasant to drink. Yet I promise you it tastes great over here! So, do not fear the summer sun and enjoy your locally produced beers. Maybe my impromtu recipe making skills just aren't up to par. This is probably as much as your average drinker needs to know: it’s the light, dumbass. How to Know if Beer is Bad ~ Making your own beer can be a rewarding experience. So, the answer is yes, you can still drink skunked beer, without getting sick. First, get a skunk, and taste it. How does beer get skunked? What Causes A Beer To Become Skunked In short this skunk like taste and aroma (also described as leek-like) is caused by light. Beer obtains its bitter taste from the addition of hops when brewing.

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