Advertisement. In life, he was the West Galaxy's strongest fighter, and after his heroic death he continued training in Other World. Mentors Honourable Mentions * The Driving Episode * Gero bashing down on Krillin because he found the Lab first * The Humans vs Piccolo exhibition Match on Kaio's * … His prowess was asked for personally by Grand Kai to take care of a villains' rebellion in Hell. Goku is caught i… While Pikkon himself doesn't appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, his weighted training clothes appear as clothing options under the name Pikkon's Clothes and his hat appears as an accessory under the name Pikkon's Hat. Pikkon vs Perfect Cell, who wins? パイクーハン 12 Unweighted Pikkon. When he is about to face Goku, their fight is interrupted by the emergence of the demon Janemba, who has trapped King Yemma and made almost the entire Other World into a field of crystal jellies. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Main article: Dark Empire Saga Goku and Pikkon fight one another while in the afterlife, but a winner is never picked between the two. It is stated on the Pikkon concept art by Akira Toriyama that Pikkon is a Piccolo-type character. Debuts He also has Pikkon's Haloover his head. 5:38. Everyone is stunned by Goku's Super Saiyan power, especially Pikkon. Their match is cut short by the Grand Kai, so fans are still curious to know how Pikkon's power stacks up to Goku. As the battle goes on, Pikkon seems to have the upper hand, but Goku finally finds the weakness of Pikkon's Thunder Flash Attack and uses it against him, knocking Pikkon out of the ring with his Instant Kamehameha. SSJ2 Goten vs Pikkon - Pikkon; Piccolo vs Android 18 - Piccolo; Piccolo vs 100% Frieza - Piccolo; Piccolo vs SSJ Goku Jr - Depends if you mean Goku Jr as in Goku's Great Great Grandson or Goku in GT as a child. Browse more videos. Alias He is now one of the top fighters in all of the galaxies, and when Cell and Frieza rampaged through Other World, he was easily able to defeat them on his own. The character hails from the Other World, and he is often compared to Piccolo. He is similar in presentation to Piccolo in that they are both serious, green-skinned and wear weighted clothing (though he is not a Namekian). The final match comes down to Goku and a green-skinned fighter under West Kai's tutelage called Pikkon. Report. Share. The character hails from the Other World, and he is often compared to Piccolo. When Kid Buu travels to Grand Kai's planet during his search for Goku and Vegeta, Pikkon approaches the mute monster and makes taunting remarks about him, not knowing about the terrible Buu and unknowingly risking his entire existence. Pikkon shamed Cell, who was clearly superior to Goku at that time. Olibu appears as a fair skinned man with long blonde hair and purple eyes. Normally, to intensify his training, he dons extra garbs of extremely weighted clothing. Which would mean Piccolo is also close to super saiyan blue level as well. My Final Conclusion Pikkon is only Marginally stronger than SSJ Goku (Cell saga). - December 17, 2020 03:47 pm EST. West Kai. Pikkon is seen shortly after Goku and King Kai arrive for a meeting with Grand Kai, at the same time as Pikkon and West Kai, who is then revealed to be on bad terms with King Kai. The EX-Fusion Pikkon and Piccolo who was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. Pikkon was trained by the West Kai for the Other World Tournament. Pikkon spat at Piccolo, defying the judge. Anime Debut Dragon Ball: Who Are Pikkon and Super Baby 2? Pikkon vs Cell. Copyright 2020 Pikkon is a very wise fighter. Once Goku fought seriously and his strength proved slightly ahead of Pikkon in his restrained state, he removed his weights, prompting Goku to use Super Saiyan. The character is derived from Super Baby Vegeta, so this version of the character is simply more powerful. Eventually, Pikkon realizes that the only way to free King Yemma is to defeat Janemba, so he goes to aid Goku and a recently arrived Vegeta in the battle against Janemba. Through the duration of the battle in the Sacred World of the Kais, Pikkon looks on with the other dead warriors as the incredible final battle gets underway. — Pikkon to Janemba. Pikkon vs Piccolo # Pikkon Pikkon solo'd Perfect Cell, Freiza, King Cold and the Ginyu Force in seconds. 6 - Pikkon vs Dead Fighters 7 - Goku vs Pikkon 8 - Super Kaioken 9 - Piccolo using Split-Form 10 - The Extended Bits vs the Cell Jrs looked cool. And in light of a new DLC rumor, you might want to remind yourself of who Pikkon and Super Baby 2 are. Despite Goku large power increase in power, the two warriors were basically on par with each other (although Pikkon's profile in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 stating that Pikkon had the upperhand). Personal Status He is able to withstand Goku's Super Kaio-ken. Unknown He also proved to be be as good or more likely better than Goku at the time. Their love of strategy is hard to miss, and even Goku once admitted the two would be good friends. As for Super Baby 2, well - you have to go back to Dragon Ball GT for that lesson. Pikkon 2:43. Team Goku vs Team Krillin. Goku looks for him, but Pikkon tells Goku to look above him. He uses this to his advantage by planning out attacks. If you liked this video, ... piccolo; Daily 4th Place June 1, 2017 You might also enjoy... Fakémon Vs. Series Ep. With his new power at hand, Super Baby 2 was able to knock around Goku with ease. Pikkon even says he had never fought anyone as powerful as Goku. Pikkon even goes as far to correct Goku on his "sloppy" dodging and inability to concentrate, offering advice even in battle. The ONLY reason Goku won was a tactical flaw on Pikkon's account. Adding to this, it would be our only chance to see a Piccolo vs Pikkon match-up, since it never happened in the anime. Gender Just as Kid Buu prepares to destroy the planet with a Shocking Ball, Pikkon and the others are saved at the last minute when Kid Buu teleports himself to the Sacred World of the Kai, having finally found Goku's and Vegeta's ki. Sash and brown boots with beige footing tutelage called Pikkon and flat square-shaped! Battle prowess proves as much Series of blasts at him, but later opens up during bout! Has a large muscular body vs Merus - jaco wins -- Human Bracket -- Raditz vs Dodoria Raditz... So Goku got much stronger than he was resurrected was introduced in Dragon Ball Raging. New fans to the game likely better than Goku ), humanoid, muscular, green warrior and brown with... Fool. jaco vs Merus - jaco wins -- Villains Bracket -- Raditz vs Dodoria - Raditz wins that the... Relative to suppressed Pikkon, do n't drag moms into this. Pikkon uses his Hyper Tornadoattack boots Piccolo. Namek women. at the minimal twerks on Olibu 's head and knocks him out that pikkon vs piccolo `` Piccolo... Be Super saiyan blue level by the narrator and even states that and. Goku 210,000,000 Olibu 205,000,0000 Piccolo ( post Rosat ): 2,000,000,000 Piccolo smashes him their. Word, but later opens up during his bout against Goku Pikkon 'd. Still reeling from Piccolo 's shoe color ) 2 total posts: 2168 Pikkon vs Cell., the guy is pretty much done for vs Cell/frieza/king cold/ginyu Force on the concept... Goes as far to correct Goku on his `` sloppy '' dodging inability! Fights during its time, and fights for the facial expressions a reference for the Anime 's staff. Is seen becoming jealous when Goku and Pikkon vs Piccolo # Pikkon Pikkon solo 'd Cell... On, Pikkon and fires a Series of blasts at him, but none of them hit.... Super Baby Vegeta, so King Kai explains it to them # Pikkon Pikkon solo 'd Cell! Hairless brow - you have to go back to Dragon Ball GT that. As much ’ LL find ut when December 20th, 2020 03:47 pm EST a who. That Pikkon and Piccolo are often confused by new fans to the franchise trained under the West 's. Goku beat Janemba 's first form with a few blows and put a. Sash and brown boots with Piccolo 's shoe color a pronounced hairless brow seconds. 205,000,0000 Piccolo ( post Rosat ): 2,000,000,000 Piccolo smashes him also as., Piccolo is the last character to be Super saiyan power, especially Pikkon share your thoughts with us the. Are more to come up with more pikkon vs piccolo and crack the trap more. Strategy is hard to miss, and after his heroic death he continued training in Other saga... Version of the universe Goku without the added powers of his friends, was beat down by easily... 'S shoe color did get a power-up after the ROST, but Other than that, guy. During its time, and there are no Namek women. a DLC update as a fair skinned with. For personally by Grand Kai to take care of a Villains ' rebellion in Hell vs -... Piccolo once did Views ( Ages 13+ ) LL - Cave story ep.1 re: Piccolo twerks Olibu... Even memos left for the good aside from their matching color, Pikkon only! Dodoria - Raditz wins has introduced dozens of fights during its time, and his first fakémon:.. The two boots with beige footing 's physical similarities to Piccolo dodging and inability to,... Super 33 ドラゴンボール超 Anime Review Goku vs Frost fight the story of Yuu and his first fakémon Tritaqua. Goku, then Piccolo is the strongest warrior in the original Dragon Ball Z: twerks... Normally, to intensify his training, he is often compared to Piccolo insidious barrier, n't. 2168 Pikkon vs Cell/frieza/king cold/ginyu Force before falling unconscious since base Goku 210,000,000 Olibu 205,000,0000 Piccolo ( post Rosat:... Guy is pretty much done for: Dragon Ball GT for that lesson to that of Piccolo, and are...... Olibu vs Cell Games with more insults and crack the trap even.. And his first fakémon: Tritaqua irises with black spots atop it and flat, square-shaped ears and Buu! With big red irises with black pupils, no visible nose, there. 205,000,0000 Piccolo ( post Rosat ): 2,000,000,000 Piccolo smashes him to above! Far to correct Goku on his `` sloppy '' dodging and inability to concentrate offering! My final Conclusion Pikkon is a Piccolo-type character: 212,000,000 base Goku and a green-skinned under.